Pee Wee Division

Director, Pee Wee - Michele Dominato

Coordinator, Pee Wee - Lyndsey MacKenzie

Pee Wee Rep

For all Rep Tryout and start-up info please visit the following Link:

Rep-Tryout Page

Pee Wee Rec

Please visit the Rec Balancing Information Page for all of the relevant information, please follow the link:

Rec Balancing Page

The Pee Wee Rec Balancing groups can be found by clicking on the balancing groups. Please note, these groups are not final teams, only groups to begin the balancing process.


For balancing please see the balancing schedule volunteer sheet as we need Timekeepers/Scorekeepers and HCSP's.


You can further check your Teamsnap account for schedules and other information.