The AMHA is a volunteer driven organization that relies heavily on its volunteers for delivery of its core programming with support from a small staff. As such volunteerism is a mandatory requirement of being part of the AMHA.

There are three types of volunteers required to allow the AMHA to operate.

Team Officials

Team officials are volunteers that hold significant time commitment positions within a team of the AMHA. These include:

  1. Coaches
  2. Managers
  3. HCSP Safety People
  4. On-ice Helpers

Team Level Volunteers

Team level volunteers are volunteers that contribute to the operation of a team. Generally these roles are filled by Parents/Guardians and Team Level Volunteering is expected by all members of the AMHA.  Some examples of duties at the team level (most of these fall under the Team Manager, but there is no reason they cannot be shared amongst parents on a team):

  1. Budget
  2. Scheduling (League, Tournaments, Website(s)
  3. PCAHA Responsibilities (Teamlink, Scoresheets, Game Numbers, Tournament Permissions)
  4. Communications
  5. Timekeepers and Scorekeepers
  6. Officials (Scheduling and Payment)
  7. Association Level Fundraising (if applicable)
  8. Tournaments and Tournament Committees (Hosted within and outside of the AMHA)

Association Level Volunteers

Association level volunteers are positions that are required for the organization to run under the governance structure of the Association. These roles are vital in the delivery and operations of core programming. Association level volunteer roles include:

  1. Board of Directors of the Society
  2. Appointed Positions of the Society
  3. Divisional Coordinators
  4. Risk Manager
  5. Referee in Chief
    • Assignor, Head of Supervision
  6. Equipment Manager
  7. Harassment Officer