Initiation/Novice Skills Programs

Initiation Minor Development

Initiation Minor Players average 2 hours of on-ice instruction per week totalling approximately 42 hours. Sessions are held Saturdays & Sundays throughout the winter, starting late September through to March. Focus is on skill stations, instructor to player ratio and most importantly ensuring the environment is safe & FUN.

Program Focus

  • Intro to Hockey (safety, equipment fitting etc…)
  • Fundamental Core Skills (skating, puck control, passing)
  • Fun environment (races, small area games, introducing competition….)

Initiation Major / Novice Major & Minor Development

The players are assigned to skill groups determined by their coaches at the beginning of the season and attend the development sessions with similar skilled players from their division. (Level 1, 2 or 3). All Initiation Major, Novice Major and minor players are offered a minimum of 5 development sessions between October & February, approximately 30-40hrs of programming. Sessions are run on weekdays

The sessions include but are not limited to;

  • Skating Skills (edges/balance, starts/stops, agility - forwards & backwards)
  • Puck Skills (passing, shooting, stickhandling, dekes)

For more information on the AMHA Development Philosophy.


Initiation/Novice Skill Development Program Schedule:

H2 = Initiation Major / H3 = Novice Minor / H4 = Novice Major