Goaltenders are different. They have to be. This is not only a reality for playing the position, it is also the basis for learning life skills far earlier than players in other positions. By recognizing the differences and developing attitudes, skills, techniques, and experiences that reflect the unique nature of the position, we are able to provide development support for goaltenders looking to improve & develop to their full potential.

  • Reasons why goaltending is different.
  • goaltenders see and react to patterns; players play and “fit” within patterns.
  • goaltenders need to be patient, confident, detail-oriented, and willing to accept constant pressure.
  • players concentrate for 30-45 seconds at a time and then receive a mental break between shifts; goaltenders must concentrate all the time.
  • players can “take a shift off” and few observers will notice; goaltenders that take even a few seconds “off”, or lose focus, have a high potential to be scored on.
  • goaltending can be a humbling position, unlike any other in sport, the more skills you have as a goaltender can help you balance the highs & lows of the position.


Goalie Development is offered for 2hrs every Wednesday from late September to early March each season.  46hrs (23 weeks of programming) in an average season.  All goalies at all levels have access to the goalie development sessions from H4 (intro) to Midget, including C & Rep goalies.  The goalies are grouped by division & level of play.

For more information on the AMHA Player Development Philosophy.

2019/20 Goaltender Development Sessions:

Goalie Development Session 2019/20