Purpose of the Role
The Sponsorship Coordinator’s main responsibility is to coordinate and organize methods of
sponsorship and advertising that will assist the association with developing community
partnerships and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Job Responsibilities

● Contact individuals and businesses to obtain sponsorship money for teams and general
sponsorship funds for the association.
● Following up on leads of interested sponsors
● Seeking potential new clients
● Fulfill the sponsorship agreement obligations for each sponsor
● Manage the sponsorship process and documentation, continually improve and adhere
to and complete the sponsorship activities for sponsors, (Eg.Letters, recognition, jersey
plates, banners);
● Monitor and manage all rink board sales annually and work with the city to ensure the
boards are put up and taken down as necessary;
● Collect and identify for the Treasurer all sponsorship revenue;
● Work with the equipment manager and Apparel Committee to identify opportunities for
sponsorship on AMHA apparel;
● Work with the Tournament Director to identify and implement opportunities for
sponsorship at all AMHA hosted tournaments.
● Act as a liaison between sponsors and Abbotsford Minor Hockey Association
● Write and file monthly sponsorship reports to AMHA board for the benefit of
documentation and review

● Contribute necessary time which may include weekends and evenings
● Attend association defined meetings
● Drive to various locations, i.e. arenas, meetings, businesses, etc.
● Provide consistent and regular communications to designated board director

Candidates must be in good standing with Abbotsford Minor Hockey Association and possess
the following key attributes:

● Good Interpersonal skills; ability to collaborate and interact with many people
● Good organization skills
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills
● Positive attitude
● Energetic and Self Motivated
● Problem solving and analytical skills
● Basic computer skills including email and word processing as required
● Personal computer with word processing capabilities/tools
● Email capability, required to maintain and interact via email on a regular basis
● Cellular phone or voicemail capability at residence
● Well versed in all areas of social media
● Customer service skills and experience would be an asset
● Direct experience in a related position would be an asset

Remuneration will be a commission percentage based on previous experience and deliverables
as decided by Abbotsford Minor Hockey Association.

For more information or to send a resume, please contact – Vice President of Administration at
Email: vp1@abbotsfordminorhockey.ca. Deadline for applications is Thursday June 24th at