Abbotsford Centre 33800 King Road
*Please arrive 20 mins before scheduled time at AC main entrance.
*Please arrive dressed as no dressing rooms are available. You will be directed by volunteers to line-up with your team and can remove skate-guards once inside on mats. Alternatively, you can wear your jersey-only with gloves and stick for a waist-up photo. In order to comply with maximum 50 people we ask that all parents/guardians other than Team Officials and Photo Day volunteers remain outside. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
*Team Managers: Please check-in at the front entrance on behalf of your Team 20 minutes before your scheduled time and assemble your Team in a physically-distanced line-up in the waiting area. Volunteers will direct you where to go.
*All orders will be done online this season. You will receive an email from ProLine Photography following Photo Day with your photos for ordering. No-contact team photos will be available for order as well.
*Please bring non-perishable food items for our Annual Food Drive for Archway Food Bank. Their large bin will be outside the main entrance for contactless drop-off. Our goal is to surpass last year’s 850lbs of food! Salvation Army will also be there with their Kettle for cash donations.
8:00 U9 C-1 11:32 U15 A-1
8:08 U8 C-1 11:40 U15 C-1
8:16 U7 C-2 11:48 U13 C-5
8:24 U13 A-1 11:56 U11 C-5
8:32 U13 A-2 12:04 U9 C3
8:40 U18 C-1 12:12 LUNCH
8:48 U18 C-2 1:00 U15 C-2
8:56 U11 C-1 1:08 U15 C-3
9:04 U11 C-4 1:16 U13 C-1
9:12 U9 C-2 1:24 U18 A-1
9:20 U8 C-4 1:32 U18 A-2
9:28 U6 C1 1:40 U15 C-4
9:36 U6 C2 1:48 U13 C-2
9:44 U8 C-2 1:56 U13 C-3
9:52 U7 C-1 2:04 U15 A-2
10:00 BREAK 2:12 U18 C-3
10:20 U13 A-3 2:20 U18 C-4
10:28 U11 A-1 2:28 U18 C-5
10:36 U11 C-2 2:36 U21 C-1
10:44 U11 C-3 2:44 U21 2-2
10:52 U9 C4 2:52 BREAK
11:00 U11 A-2
11:08 U11 A-3
11:16 U8 C3
11:24 U13 C-4
Thank you,

Tracey Purvis

Director of Fundraising & Special Events
Abbotsford Minor Hockey Association