Concussion Awareness

Concussions have unfortunately become a part of our sport, and life. The AMHA provides the following list of resources for parents/guardians to further educate themselves on concussions.


Complete Concussion Management Inc.

For the 2017/18 season, the AMHA has partnered with CCMI (Complete Concussion Management Inc.) to provide an evidence based concussion program. CCMI is a network of 190 clinics across Canada, including 30+ across BC, that offer concussion diagnosis, testing, treatment, guided return to school and play programs and much more. Each clinic in our network is connected through our electronic medical record system so athletes are able to go to any clinic across the country. This is quite valuable especially for travelling athletes and standardizing proper treatment for all athletes across the country.

The CCMI program is completely evidence and research based, meaning we continually provide monthly research updates to all our our clinicians to further educate those in our network about new management strategies for concussion. Recently the Berlin Consensus on Concussion in Sport was released and the CCMI program fits the model perfectly. Over the past 4 years we have continued to be ahead of the curve in the space and will continue to do so over the next 4.

Through CCMI clinics athletes are recommended to take a preseason baseline test. The CCMI baseline test is a very comprehensive test that includes 9 different tests to give clinicians the information they need to make a more informed RTP decision in the scenario athletes receive a concussion. More importantly, because are baseline test is as comprehensive as it is these tests are covered through secondary health benefits, thus eliminating any extra costs for parents/athletes. We also provide assistance programs for low income families. For those families, we simply provide a one-page document in which they fill out and those that qualify are provided the baseline test for free. Also, keep in mind Hockey Canada does subsidize $500 to athletes who are injured under their liability which would cover all post-injury treatment costs. 
Each CCMI clinic provides a multi-disciplinary treatment approach thus being able to treat each injured athletes in the most appropriate manner. Treatment strategies could include manual therapy, exercise therapy, vestibular therapy, visual therapy, nutritional information and more. The best indicator for a proper and speedy recovery is early diagnosis, treatment and education. Through CCMI we get your athletes into see a concussion specialist within 24-48 hours after injury for diagnosis, athlete education and the start of a proper treatment program.
The CCMI program also provides a Concussion Tracker App to improve communication for all stakeholders from athletes to parents to coaches to clinicians. The idea is to improve reporting and tracking of injuries and providing the necessary education to all those involved in the process. I have attached a document to this email that helps to better explain how the app keeps all those involved informed about the athletes recovery process.
Alongside of other online education tools, CCMI also provides an Sideline Concussion Course for parents, coaches and trainers that provides education for those on the sidelines to better recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion and appropriate steps to take when a concussion injury occurs. I have attached the itinerary for our Sideline Course. I can also setup a coupon code for you if you wish to take the course. 
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